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Fall Trend Alert: Versatile Capes and Scarves from ShawLux, Plus a Chance to Win the Look!
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During February’s Fall Fashion Week, we spotted the resurgence of capes at shows including Rag and BoneAltuzarra, andAdam. So naturally, when we began building our fall wardrobe, we started to scour our favorite web sites and department stores for versatile and wearable takes on the trend. Our searches led us to discover a great new designer, Annu Gyani, who recently launched line ShawLux, a line dedicated to expertly crafted capes and wraps. We recently got to dish with Gyani about her brand and inspirations. We’ve also teamed with ShawLux to offer a special treat for our fab followers: the 500th person to click the Facebook “like” link at the bottom of the page will win the look featured above. Good luck!

WCIFTP: What inspired you to launch a line based solely on scarves and wraps?
AG: The decision was partly based on a huge trend I saw developing and financial constraints! I saw scarves becoming a huge trend but there was definitely a niche missing in that there weren’t high quality, good fabric scarves and wraps available at reasonable prices.  I wanted to create a line that would allow women to look chic and beautiful even in the winter under all those layers of clothing. In addition, it helped that scarves are one size for all so we didn’t have to create a sample in numerous sizes which allowed me to create a line with more breadth and depth.

WCIFTP: What kind of materials are you drawn to?
AG: I am drawn to natural, organic fibers that let you breathe and feel good against your skin.  I prefer to use cotton, silk, cashmere and wool in our collection.  For me, the quality of the material is very important so it’s better to have one scarf in a luxurious material then 30 in something that won’t last.

WCIFTP: How does art play a role in your designs?
AG: Photography has become a huge part of ShawLux as our most successful collection is based on photos of various cities and skylines which are digitally printed on a cashmere/silk scarf. We are inspired by art such as graffiti, paintings and photographs in all our styles.

WCIFTP: What are your favorite ways to style your scarves and wraps?
AG: Scarves and wraps can easily be worn with everything! My favorite way is to think of a scarf like a piece of jewelry or shoes and let it enhance your outfit.  Sometimes, I revolve my entire outfit around the scarf I want to wear! It’s fun to get creative and let the scarf be a functional as well as stylish accessory that fits into your look and lifestyle.

WCIFTP: Are the designs tailored to a certain type of women?
AG: The designs are very versatile and can suit a wide array of women and wardrobes but I do think the collection does appeal to women who have a more sophisticated style and look for more luxury pieces that are more than just an accessory but rather an investment that can always be utilized with their wardrobes.

WCIFTP: What will we see from ShawLux in the future?
AG: We hope to grow our digital line and create customized looks for women.  We want be able to create scarves that are custom printed to represent someone’s favorite captured moment-whether it’s your hometown, favorite vacation spot or a painting that you love.  We hope to be able to be able to capture an important memory that is personal and unique to each individual that we can create into a scarf that can be worn every day.

For more ShawLux updates, checkout the brand’s Facebook page. You can shop the full collection at Nordstroms.–AMANDA LIBBY